Media-centred Personal Statement example

This is a personal statement I typed up with a degree in media in mind. I specified that I hadn’t done any work experience because I hadn’t. My awful school (third worst school in the country for GCSE results at the time) cocked up my chance at getting work experience, so my dad decided to take me to work with him. If you have work experience, include it.

Here’s a guide to help:

I have a strong interest in image and video production; it drives my enthusiasm to have an opportunity to use my talents in prominent media products, which shape society’s ideologies. My initial attraction to media transpired when I made sketches with my friends and recorded them using a phone, since then, media production has intrigued me both as a subject and profession; as a result I have taken media studies as a subject for both GCSE and A-level courses and achieved good grades. My next step is to take a degree in the field from which I can achieve my ambition to work in the media industry; it could be as a designer, producer or cameraman. Any of these career paths will satisfy my goal and I will be able to put my skills to good use.

I have good knowledge of media production computer programmes because I have often used Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Sony Vegas to edit original videos for the entertainment of others online through the use of the video streaming service YouTube. I have been teaching myself how to use Photoshop to create original images and have done so for recreation and for the request of others. For example, I created a wallpaper for a business my classmates started in the beginning of year 12. In my studies last year, I produced an A grade piece of coursework for media studies in the production of a magazine. I feel universities would benefit from having me on the course because of my commitment to each piece of work I produce.

In February 2010 I was fortunate enough to undertake relevant work experience (although uncertified) in a media department of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) offices in London. I was mainly taught about laws concerning the distribution of media such as photos and videos and how it is leased to other businesses. I learned how the MOD distributes its photos through a private web service to businesses such as museums and the news industry and how certain images are restricted from distribution. I found this sort of work exciting and it could be potentially used to prevent crime since special measures are put in place to prevent identity theft, fraud and copyright infringements.

I chose my A-levels because Psychology and English Literature are entwined with Media Studies. Psychology is useful in marketing, wherein a marketer must get into the minds of the audience to promote a product or service to that specific audience. English Literature is a convention of all English media texts – it is the baseline of what audiences read in books, magazines, newspapers and other media texts. In my final school year I took the opportunity to volunteer as a light and sound technician at Medway Little Theatre, a relevant interest that has helped accustom me to the technical side of media production beyond the school curriculum.

I have undertaken a youth development programme called the National Citizen Service (NCS) which has let me develop and utilise teamwork and communication skills; NCS involves a three-day group residential trip to PGL, East Sussex followed by a social action project in my local area. This social action project was a campaign for my local community, which aimed to positively promote multiculturalism; I was given the responsibility to create a survey needed by team members to interview the public with, along with printing digital copies of our plans to hand out to the team. I see this course as essential in preparation for university as each person is collectively put in control of the outcome of the campaign.

With enthusiasm about working in the media industry in the future, I am determined to make the most of my degree to achieve my ambitions.