Welcome to warpedhero.co.uk

This is just a site that documents my media stuff.

What is media?

Media covers a wide range of topics, so there’s something for everyone. The long-established definition is mass communication, which springs newspapers, broadcasting, advertising and such into mind. The word media is actually the plural form of medium: a vessel used to carry a message – like a USB stick. The definition a young student would probably use in an essay is this: “Media refers to the channels used en-masse to deliver information to the reader…(insert example here). We use a repertoire of elements to identify different types of media etc…”

About the author

I’m Alex, a 20 year old university student studying for some sort of media degree

Half English, half Filipino (most people can’t tell)

Born in the UK, but moved to and grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 9 years of my childhood. I’ve been living back here since 2009

Why Warped Hero? Because I found it on a random username generator website and it sounds cool


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